Would you like me to build you a DREAM team and SYSTEMISE your entire workflow so that your business becomes a 'cash-cow-asset' that runs without you?


Remove the grind of client work with your own Delivery Team and generate leads daily with a consistent Virtual Outreach Team with systems that you can trust to always deliver results.

If you want to find out how other companies in your industry are executing the "Dream Team Strategy System" and get a FREE custom-tailored session with me, reserve your spot now:

Or how about if you we're to actually work ON the business for once instead of always in the business?

For the next week I've put a aside time to talk to you personally about how we can reach your goal of building a dream team to do the client work for you while also booking 4 to 9 sales calls each day. (seriously).

During this consulting session we’ll work hand in hand, developing a step-by-step strategy you can use to begin hiring and offloading daily client tasks to a team you can trust with systems, systems and MORE systems.

No more being on call for clients. No more doing small client changes. No hassle, no more frustration and no more worrying about a steady stream of leads.

I'm doing this for free!

And don’t worry, I’m not planning on wasting your time – quite the opposite actually. I’m so confident this will help you that I even offer you the following…

My $300 "time-wasted" PayPal Promise.

If after our conversation you don’t know the exact steps to begin building a virtual team that actually meets your standards who you can trust and who doesn't cost a fortune then I’ll send you $300 as compensation for your “time wasted".


Warning: This is not for everyone!

You have to already have existing clients and an existing service

You have to be comfortable with the thought of actually never doing tedious client jobs or changes ever again.

You must have a bigger vision for your business.

You must be open to question everything you thought to be "true" about team building and systemising. You have never seen what I'll be showing you.

If that sounds like you, then click the button below


"Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for being able to do this, this was monumental"

"For teaching me everything I know - Make the opportunity to be able to work with him"

"Helped me map out the full strategy and put all the pieces of the puzzle together"

"He'll give you advice on what's best. He's a Magician. I've with Jamie for over a year now"

"He come sup with really simple solutions to complex problems"

"I've been working with Jamie for over 2 years. His insights into running and managing teams - I Couldn't be where I am today without Jamie"

"Helped me create better processes and get help with the outreach. And fully utilising my day a lot better"

"So much clarity and confidence and he helped me to get focus on what I need to focus on"

"He is so genuine and authentic. He pushes my limits in the sense of going towards my goals"